Evening Portrait of a Young Man – Oil on board, 65x45cm (Original Sold)

Finalist Sanlam Portrait Award 2013

31Afternoons with Nomsa and Jazz

Afternoons with Nomsa and Jazz – Oil on board 90x110cm


Seated Man – Oil on canvas 100x100cm

27The Studio

The Studio – Oil on canvas 90x63cm (Original Sold)


Together Alone – Oil on Board 72x52cm

15Sophia, Winter Portrait

Winter Portrait; Sophia – Oil on canvas 30x30cm

69Study for Cat Sculpture Still Live

Scarlatti – Oil on board 45x35cm

Nomsa – Oil on board, 45x35cm


Survivor – Oil on board, 70x50cm

34Portrait of Elisma

Watchful Girl – Oil on canvas 40x60cm

Melanie – Oil on board, 52x72cm

Day Portrait of a Young Man – Oil on board, 52x72cm


32Girl from the Mountain Kingdom

Girl from the Mountain Kingdom – Oil on board 75x55cm (Original Sold)


I’m Still Waiting to Sing – oil on board 110x85cm

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