The Painting – Oil on bard 100x100cm


Baberton Daisies – Oil on Board 50x50cm

57The Striped Chair

Interior with Chair – Oil on canvas 45x35cm

16Secrets of Africa - Golden Gate

Secrets from Africa; Golden Gate – Oil on Board 72x52cm

78PaintingJennySmallerFileFriends – Oil on Board, 110x85cm (Original Sold)

75TwoLemons2Two Lemons – Oil on Board, 30x40cm

80SophiaSophia – Oil on board, 87x67cm


Eli – Oil on board, 50x50cm (Original Sold)

73Margrit and DzunaniMargit and Dzunani – Oil on canvas, 50x60cm

A Moment of Laughter – Oil on canvas, 60x127cm

The Matriarch – Oil on board, 60x45cm

Night Cat – Oil on canvas, 75x55cm

Still Life with Cat Sculpture – Oil on board, 65x45cm

13Above the Eternal Peace

Above the Eternal Peace – Oil on Board 52x72cm

(Copy form Isaac Levitan)

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