59What Started It All2

What Started It All – Oil on Board 90x60cm

Preselecionades Figurativas Painting Competition 2015

Museum of Modern Art Europe MEAM

88GrapefruitBranch of Grapefruit – Oil on board; 60x45cm

87PortraitofaManDerek – Oil on board; 60×40 – Original Sold

82ToughtsWithout Words

Thoughts Without Words – Oil on board 70 x 50 cm

77Given2I am Given – Oil on board, 60x45cm


79AToo Many RegretsSo Many  Regrets – Oil on board, 60x45cm

76AfricanusAfternoons with Willene and Jazz – Oil on board, 120x85cm

Not a Portrait – Oil on board, 80x70cm

83ConnectionsThe Paragon of Animals – Oil on board, 60cm diameter (round)

84AttheTable2At the Table – Oil on board, 65x75cm

85PaintedDogs1aPainted Dogs 1 – Oil on wood, 60cm diameter (round)

70White Magnolias Miniature18x12

White Magnolia – Oil on board 18x12cm – miniature

71Pink MagnoliaMiniature18x12

Pink Magnolia – Oil on board 18x12cm (miniature)

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