Sophy – oil on panel, 65x80cm

What I Am – oil on panel, 82x50cm

Thoughts Without Words – oil on panel, 75x55cm

SA Living Portrait Masters – Finalist 2017

Sophia – oil on panel – 90x60cm

I am Given – oil on panel

Finalist SPA Portrait Award 2015

What Started It All – oil on panel, 90x60cm

First Selection – Figurativas Painting Competition, Museum of Modern Art Europe, Barcelona (2016)

Evening Portrait of a Young Man – oil on panel (Original Sold)

Finalist SPA Portrait Award 2013

Portrait of a Man – oil on panel (Original Sold)

79AToo Many Regrets

So Many Regrets – oil on panel

Nomsa – oil on panel 45x35cm

Stare – oil on panel, 80x80cm

Twenty One – oil on panel 45x35cm

Girl from the Mountain Kingdom – oil on panel (Original Sold)

Rethabile – oil on panel, 45x25cm


Sleeping Girl – oil on linen (Original Sold)

29Day Portrait of a Young Man1

Day Portrait of a Young Man – oil on panel (Original Sold)

81ANot A Portrait

Not a Portrait – oil on panel, 60x90cm

99bThe Studio Visitor

The Studio Visitor – oil on panel


Melanie – 50x70cm, oil on panel (Original Sold)


Dignity – 50x70cm, oil on panel


Survivor – 70x50cm, oil on panel

34Portrait of Elisma

Watchful Girl – 60x40cm, oil on canvas

73Margrit and Dzunani

Margrit and Dzunani – 60x45cm, oil on canvas


The Paragon of Animals – 60cm tondo, oil on panel


Deborah – 65x45cm , oil on canvas (Original Sold)

Twins - The Genetic Bond3

The Genetic Bond – 65x50cm, oil on canvas (Original Sold)


The French Girl – 45x35cm, oil on linen (Original Sold)

68The Matriarch

The Matriarch – 50x45cm oil on panel

18 Gentle Man

A Gentle Man – 40x40cm, oil on canvas


Elsie – oil on canvas, 40x40cm (Original Sold)

12An Interesting Man - Copy

An Interesting Man – 50×50, oil on panel (Original Sold)

2The Marketing Man

The Marketing Man – 60x60cm, oil on canvas


Britt – 50x50cm, oil on board (Original Sold)

4The Family Head, Petrus

The Family Head – 40x60cm, oil on canvas (Original Sold)

5I am Somebody

I am Somebody – oil on canvas, 40x60cm (Original Sold)


Somebody’s Sister – 40x60cm, oil on canvas

7Self Portrait 2011 - Copy

Self Portrait – oil on canvas, 45x35cm

15Sophia, Winter Portrait

Sophia, Winter Portrait – oil on canvas, 30x30cm

1Leon the Artist

Leon the Artist – oil on panel, 45 x 35cm (Original Sold)

14Anja, Daydreaming as Usual

Anja Daydreaming – oil on canvas, 40x60cm (Original Sold)