Somebody’s Sister – Oil on canvas 60x40cm


Jeminah – Oil on canvas 40x40cm

5I am Somebody

Somebody’s Sister – Oil on canvas, 60x40cm (Original Sold)

4The Family Head, Petrus

The Family Head, Petrus – Oil on canvas, 60x40cm (Original Sold)

Gary – Oil on canvas, 60x40cm (Original Sold)

Britt – Oil on board, 50x50cm (Original Sold)

Dignity – Oil on board, 45x65cm

Twenty One – Oil on board, 45x35cm

Leon the Artist – Oil on board, 45x35cm (Original Sold)

Lancelot at the Table – Oil on canvas, 60x40cm

An Interesting Man – Oil on board, 43x46cm (Original Sold)

Lancelot from Africa – Oil on canvas, 40x40cm

The Man from Sudan – Oil on canvas, 50x50cm (Original Sold)


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