Still Life

Plums and Leavesoil on panel, 40 x 50cm


Freud and Fruit – oil on panel, 40x50cm


66BabertonDaisiesGerberas and Kikoi – oil on panel, 50x50cm


Quiver Tree, Grapefruit and Nuts Рoil on panel, 60cm tondo 

Finalist – Bouchard Finlayson Competition – 2017


Two Lemons – oil on panel, 30x40cm


Grapefruit – oil on panel, 40x50cm


Small FlowersaA Few Flowers – oil on panel, 18x18cm (original sold)


Aubergines –¬†oil on panel, 18x18cm (original sold)

112Salt PepperbSalt & Pepper – oil on panel, 18x18cm


Cruet – 18x18cm, oil on panel (original sold)


Reading Chair – oil on panel, 18x18cm (Original sold)


Quiet Life – oil on panel (18x18cm)


Memory Chair – oil on panel, 18x18cm


Milk Jugs – 18x18cm, oil on panel


Magnolias – oil on canvas, 40x60cm

71Pink MagnoliaMiniature18x12

Pink Magnolia – oil on panel (original sold)


70White Magnolias Miniature18x12

White Magnolias – oil on panel (original sold)


The Cat and the Cloth – oil on linen, 60x50cm (original sold)

Still Life with Cat Sculpture – oil on panel, 60x45cm